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The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself

The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself is a children's picture book dealing with feelings of shame and neglect. Aimed specifically at children who have dealt with early childhood trauma and perhaps been in the care system. Written for children 4+ the book uses metaphors to show how children can find a sense of self worth.

boy and shadow, boy and shadow monster, illustration of boy and wall, children's book illustration
children's book cover, the boy who built a wall, children's book illustration

Written by Ali Redford, an adoptive mother of two who felt a lack of appropriate books, in raising her children, that helped them better deal with and understand some of their feelings.


Boy built a wall to keep himself safe. Behind it he felt strong and more protected. Then Someone Kind came along. She bounced a ball, sang and painted on the other side of the wall, and Boy began to wonder if life on the other side might be better after all.

boy building a wall, black and white illustration, children's book illustration
children's book illustration, superhero illustration, comic strip, illustration, the boy who built a wall

"This remarkable picture book should be winning prizes for both its textual simplicity and the innovative and quite beautiful art work. For a child who has suffered emotional or physical abuse, it will be the kind of life-line that can provide true healing and a sense that the world can be a good place after all. An invaluable resource for those dealing with damaged children." -- HealthyBooks

The Boy Who Built a Wall Around Himself brings crucial awareness for children and the adults who care for them, that behind all difficult behaviours there is deep emotional pain. 

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